Honey doesn’t just taste great, but more and more people are
beginning to fully realise the health benefits it brings. The demand for locally produced honey is greater than ever. 

Bee Collective is a dedicated social enterprise that works specifically with and for London beekeepers. Regardless of whether you have one or twenty hives, we will work with you to proc
ess your honey and help you reap the sweetest of rewards that urban beekeeping has to offer.

And by using our services, you are supporting our work to increase bee forage and help sustain beekeeping across London.

We process and market London honey, giving beekeepers a fair and guaranteed price.  All of our products can be traced back to the apiary and foraging habitat of the bees.

Our profits go to improve habitat for honey bees and wild pollinators.  we're are keen to hear from beekeepers, beekeeping groups, social enterprises, retailers, potential sponsors or anyone else who like to work with us/please get in touch