Bee Collective: helping bees and their friends!

Bee Collective is a social-environmental enterprise.  Based in central London we support sustainable urban beekeeping by providing honey services to beekeepers and opportunities for anyone to get involved.  We also sell honey and other hive products to promote our message and support our enterprise.  And by using our services: London’s beekeepers, volunteers and honey-eaters are all helping to support our core work in improving the urban landscape for pollinators. 

Bee Collective is more than just an enterprise – it is a call to action!  Lets work together to make London better for people and pollinators!


We are sorry to announce that due to Covid-19, Bee Collective volunteering programme will not bee a part of your summer times. As our honey house is small, we are not able to safely social-distance. We will surely miss everyone in their lab coats and hairnets!
Because we will have to stay close, we need your support more than ever so we can continue to help bees and beekeepers.

Please, donate, buy honey and share our crowdfunding campaign:

PS: Don't wait too long, this crowdfunding is only for few weeks! Please donate before the 14th of July 2020.