Worker Bees

Caroline Birchall

Ecologist and former Bee Scientist
Founder of the Bee Collective

Cassandra Palanee

Volunteering Programme Manager

Coraline Chane

Rebecca Band

Matthew Rogerson

Natalia Borghoff

Nico Dangelser

Bee Collective Advisors provide one-off or regular advice and practical support which is invaluable in helping us to start up and grow our enterprise.

Paul Anthony Campbell
Landscape and Urban Designer
Strategic Adviser to Bee Collective

Samantha Davenport
Urban Ecologist
Ecology Adviser to Bee Collective

Lucy Gannon

We are also grateful to volunteers who have dedicated time and skills to help with things such as finance, social media, marketing and leading volunteers: Salvador, Emma, Elena, Juliana, Sandy Tang, Liz, Nadia & more!